Rex Yankey Otoo (REYO) Foundation

Rex Yankey Otoo Foundation (REYO Foundation) is a not for profit organisation, that is set up both in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ghana, West Africa.

The foundation(s) were set up to support children and individuals with autism, general special needs and disabilities as well as their families. Special needs children or adults may have very high intelligence and talents, however these can only be unlocked, if they receive the right level of education, therapy and support, that will address their needs. Schools, communities and especially families are the key to the development of each child. Parents need the training and support to take part in the planning and development of their special children.

Every child is unique and the same is with every family as well as every community.

Our aim is to work together to help individuals with special needs, to achieve their maximum potential and to contribute to their society in a positive way.

We hope you share our VISION and will SUPPORT us to achieve this.

Thank you.

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