About REYO Foundation

Rex Yankey Otoo Foundation was set up by the parents of a severely autistic child, who through the struggles of supporting their child, developed the passion to support other families in a similar situation.

The vision for the Rex Yankey-Otoo (REYO) Foundation is to develop individual talents in a caring and nurturing environment where they can develop and achieve their maximum potential. This requires the Team work of their families and schools. Support is also provided to children, through our school and to families in the home environment. Our aim is to extend education and multi therapy support from School to Home. This gives our children a better chance of developing to be valuable contributing members of society.

REYO Foundation Ghana, was set up as a charity in 2011 to support individuals on the autistic spectrum and their families in GHANA.

REYO Foundation UK, was subsequently formed in 2015 to support families in their caring roles as well as support the Foundation in Ghana and its School.