SEN parenting providesworkshops for families with children on the Autistic Spectrum and others with Special Needs. The aim of our workshops is to train and empower parents as well as create a platform where open discussions could be held with other parents going through similar difficulties to support each other and to share ideas.

Parents receive the training to have a better understanding of their child’s needs from reports provided by school andprofessionals. By gaining a better understanding of their child’s needs, having training andreceiving the right level of support, parents will then be in a better position to helptheir special needs children develop to their maximum potential.

Also to EMPOWER parents and help families gain the skills and confidence to undertake their day to day tasks. Siblings, friends and other family members are also trained to help support their special needs sibling. Most families do not fully understand their child’s complex needs. It may take a long time for them to fully understand the extent of their child’s disability or needs. Our goal is to tackle this problem, and support Parents/ Carers to support their children from childhood through to adult life.

The result will be for parents and carers to gain the confidence and take control of their child’s development. They will then be skilled tohelp in developing their children to reach their maximum potential. This will also enable families to make the right decisions for their child’s future life.

The founder of SEN Parenting is a parent of a severely autistic boy and has firsthand experience of the stresses that families go through. After setting up a Special Needs School in partnership with Paddock School in London, she gained an understanding of how a structured environment within school and home settings, provides the main platform for every child’s development.

Every parent wants their child to be successful. All that our special needs kids need, is a different way of learning and parenting that is totally different from the general way we know. This will mean learning various skills and approaches. It may also mean that two different lives would have to be blended together to suit the needs of each member of the family.