REYO Foundation - UK

The Rex Yankey Otoo Foundation in the UK is set up as a Not for Profit company, Limited by Guarantee. The aim of the Foundation in the UK, is to support children with Autism and special education needs (SEN) as well as their families. Our focus is mainly with parental support, empowering and providing basic training to parents in supporting their special needs children.The goal is to extend the support received from School to the home environment. Siblings and other family members as well as the community are encouraged to be part of the whole process.

Our parental support programsare provided through:

Our SEN PARENTING workshops, which also runs coffee mornings, pampering, relaxation and break times from their caring roles, entertaining sessions and many more for parents and carers.

Our new initiative, Special Needs Design ( SPNEDD approach) which will provide a platform for parents to be trained alongside their children and to provide personalised 1:1 support at Home.