REYO Foundation - Ghana

Rex Yankey Otoo Foundation, Ghana is legally registered as a charitable and not for profit organization, with registered Charity No. G-32 086. The first time the founders visited Ghana with their disabled child in 2009, they observed the wide gap between awareness, education and care provided for special needs children between the UK and Africa. They developed the desire and vision to provide quality Special Education, for children in Ghana. Plans were drawn to set up the Rex Yankey Otoo (REYO) Foundationand to convert their dream home into the first world class special needs school in Ghana. They sought the help through partnership with PADDOCK SCHOOL, an OFSTED outstanding special school in London, UK.

REYO Paddock School was thus set up to provide a high standard British and US special education to deprived children in Ghana. The school has successfully supported a lot of special needs children as well as their families across the West African region.

The School’s main aim in Ghana is to bridge the gap between special education and parental support in both countries( UK and Ghana).

Our goal is also to develop a good outreach program that will create more awareness, address the issues on stigmatization and create a positive outlook on special needs. This will provide more understanding and boost the determination of the African community to work as a team in getting the best out of our special needs and vulnerable children.

We plan to support Mainstream Schools who are not able to provide children with special needs, access to the needed curriculum. As there is a general lack of awareness, and teachers do not have the training or expertise to work with children with complex needs as well as challengingbehaviourare permanently excluded from school and have to stay at home with their parents who do not know how to support them either.